Discharge papers here we come :)

So one week and two days after his brain surgery, we are finally getting discharged. One might think this would be great news to a mother, but I know my child, and I was not happy about this.  We were supposed to get discharged one day prior, but once again thanks to “Mother’s intuition,” the seizures I thought he was having, were just that. The doctors had to increase his anti-seizure medicine and keep him overnight for observation.

While this was going on, AJ was upset because he thought he would be home by now. This triggers his anxiety and everything that we worked on for the past week, was about to be thrown out the window! In his eyes, the doctors and myself have lied to him, and to be honest, he was right.  Tomorrow we have to return to the hospital for more testing. As of now he has his IV in, so why would I want to take him home, let him get comfortable, only a few hours to come back the next day to start this process all over again! I fought to keep him that night, but in the end, they sent him home.  I was worried that going home would trigger some negative emotions from AJ. Like always we made the best of the situation. Once home we visited his school, my job and went out for ice cream with his best friend and family.

paps and aj

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