Visits, visits, and more visits

Aj park

So one day after we were discharged, AJ and I to returned to the hospital for his first official visit in the hemoc/oncology department. He had to get a spinal tap done that day. He was not allowed to eat or drink at all that day, so he was cranky for multiple reasons. The initial visit went well and eased my mind. During his hospital stay, AJ had probably more then 20 doctors looking over him and numerous supportive staff, which was great but also at times I felt like there was too many hands in the pot and it was easy for important information to get lost along the way. So knowing that he will now only have one team looking after him is a big stress reliever!

The few appointments we had that day turned out to be really rough on him. It took six tries to get an IV in him. He is terrified of needles and he lost it. I cannot blame him. During this process, he had numerous therapist working with him, but nothing seemed to calm him down. I was still so proud of him, during all the “pricks” he never moved his arms away.

Funny AJ quote from that day: After the fifth try to get the IV in he finally turned to the doctor and yelled, “What’s wrong with you?! Didn’t you go to school for this?!” Did I ever mention that my son can be a smart A** at times? 

One comment

  1. Ports are great because it’s less “misplaced pricks.” There is also something called “a pic line”. It’s similar to a port.

    I made a dictionary for myself when mom and husband were battling the “villain.” It helped me understand the info/terms jargon the teams use.

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